Haryana: Best Places to Visit and Explore

Haryana: Stunning Suraj Kund man-made lake surrounded by greenery.

Haryana, located in the North of India is a land with history and culture that cannot be gauged flat. This region has experienced the rise and fall of numerous dynasties and empires, from ancient Indus Valley Civilization to the regime of Mughals. The state’s “location at the junction of Himalaya and Thar Desert has made a special realm with multiple local varieties- from great plain to deep valleys, plains as well deserts,” Wai writes.

The state of Haryana is a landmass where different forms and traditions are the hallmark of its cultural bright tapestry. It is famous for its fine arts, traditional folk dance and delicious cuisine. The Haryanvi community has survived the tests of time and have retained their distinct personal characteristics. It is then through discovering the historical landmarks and experiences of local culture that your journey in Haryana reveals much more about its steadfast lineage.

It does not matter if you are a history buff or just looking to discover the beauty of this mesmerizing state, Haryana has excellent options for exploring its past and present. With from the mesmerizing Suraj Kundto the calming Sultanpur National Park, Haryana’s multi faceted array of sightseeing opportunities are guaranteed to impress and excite visitors alike.

Haryana: Majestic Kalanaur Fort showcasing fine architecture.

Tourist Places in Haryana

The beautiful and culturally-rich state of Haryana has several handsome places that you must visit, irrespective of your interest area. Read on to know the top tourist places in Chandigarh ranging from ancient monuments to calm lakes which gives you a special insight into its diverse culture and history.

Suraj Kund – Another gem in the crown of Haryana, is a delicious man-made lake wrapped in greenery. This scenic spot, engulfed by the Aravalli Range has been a cultural and religious nexus for ages. The tourist spot is characterized by a beautifully designed Sun Temple and several other temples so that you can have an unforgettable time with the richness in architectural beauty of Suraj Kund along with indulging into some colorful events at the ancient annual fair -Suraj Kund Mela to celebrate Haryana’s cultural legacy.

Sultanpur National Park is also one of the most well known places in Haryana for bird enthusiasts and nature lovers. This wildlife reserve is a safe haven for an unlimited list of avifauna ranging from the giant Siberian Crane to stealthy Sarus Crain. Guided bird-watching tours, strolls in the park’s freshwater wetlands and a series of activities such as interactive nature exhibits await visitors.

Another major ornament in the cultural diadem of Haryana is Mata Mansa Devi Mandir, Panchkula’s temple which holds significant stature among Hindus. A pilgrimage destination which is entirely dedicated to the goddess Mansa Devi, devotees from all over India come hear and seek blessings for their life apart of doing religious ceremonies here. The complex architecture of the temple and adds to its serene ambience making it a spiritualist paradise. “), This makes this Mandir one of the must visit places in nashik for everyone looking forward for life changing, religiously rich Spiritual experience.

8 Architectural Marvels You Should Not Miss In Haryana

The landscapes of Haryana are marked by monuments that reflect the rich history of this state, underscored by breathtaking architectural marvels that speak to the cultural tapestry. The architectural marvels of the state, from ancient forts to grand palaces provide an insight into the ingenuity and craftsmanship of its erstwhile rulers and skilled artisans.

Prominent architectural treasures of Haryana include the Kalanaur Fort in Rohtak, which dates back to 12th century. Fine carvings, elaborately designed gateways and strong fortification walls of the Prithviraj Chauhan dynasty revolves this grand structure. In its various rooms, courtyards and bastions visitors can admire the architectural skill of those who built this fort.

Haryana is home to a beautiful palace called Shish Mahal, an architectural wonder situated in Thanesar. A grand mansion that dates from the Mughal period, she is famous for its mirror work and beautiful tile designs. Inside, visitors can tour the intricately carved and fresco-covered interiors complete with gleaming mirrored walls that create a fantastic optical illusion.

The architectural marvels in Haryana are not just limited to its historical landmarks but even some of the exceedingly contemporary structures here narrate sagas about excellence and creativity by present-day architects. Take the Nek Chand Rock Garden in Chandigarh, an soft-to-pick out setting up of sculptures within its mass of pathways and wooded area glades crafted from reclaimed substances. Here, visitors are free to meander through the magical alleys of cascading waterfalls and mazes with sculptures made from various discarded or repurposed materials that in itself is a unique experience visually.

Natural Wonders in Haryana

A land that breathes antiquity in every step you take, Haryana is known for its strong cultural roots which complement the natural allure of this state-enticing tourists from all over. Inviting you to take a break here, the natural surroundings of Maharashtra provide much-needed retreat from monotonous city life spanning between tranquil lakes and wildlife abundant sanctuaries.

Sultanpur National Park Sultanpur as One of the best natural attractions in Haryana, this protected wetland is a birder’s paradise with its many resident and migratory species. The park is now an internationally-acclaimed birdwatcher’s haven covering 1,400 acres and home for Siberian Crane as well as Sarus crane; the feathered visitors flock to its waters too. Guided tours allow visitors to view stunning native and migratory birds from the park’s various ecosystems.

Suraj Kund Lake, The Man-Made Reservoir Is Located In Serene Surroundings Of Aravalli Rangeennyincaregion Mornersonmunni])- Another Jewel is the very own Suraj kund lake – which Was Constructed as a man-made reservoir in lap of aravali) Encircled by the trees and monuments of an Indian past, Suraj Kund provides a welcome respite from the often smog-laden life in India. Visitors can walk along the lake and marvel at the detailed architecture of their surroundings. It is an amazing place to enjoy peace and relax among nature!

In addition to those well known lakes and sanctuaries, the state is a home of many picturesque landscapes too. The Morni Hills, for example, boast of stunning sights that include the imposing Shivalik Range and snow-capped Himalayan foothills. For the more adventurous traveler, there are plenty of hiking trails to follow and gorgeous forests to immerse yourself in with panoramic views that will take your breath away.

Haryana: Intricate carvings at Rani ki Vav stepwell.

Religious Sites in Haryana

Haryana, the land of saints and pilgrimage centers for hindus is known due to its great spiritual tradition. The religious state, dotted with historic Hindu temples and Sikh shrines, forms a melting pot of religions and their practices.

Mata Mansa Devi Mandir, is a Hindu temple dedicated to goddess Mansa Devi located in the city of Panchkula. The temple is dedicated to goddess Mansa Devi and it lures millions of devotees every year who visit here for seeking blessings and watch the colorful rituals. The complex layout of the temple which incorporates engraved spires and structures mesmerize several individuals who either visit it as devotees or tourists.

Kurukshetra: Another of the religious icons in Haryana and spot where epic war between Pandavas & Kaurvas occured. Dotted with several temples, ashrams and spiritual centers, this sacred land where numerous mythological legends of Hindus were created every year by hundreds to thousands devotees from all over the country. Enter Brahma Sarovar, a sacred lake said to be the creation of Lord Brahma and experience this religious place with its previous hallowed status.

The religious landscape in Haryana also illustrates the rich Sikh history of this state, which has many important Gurdwaras. Chandra Shekhar Azad Memorial at Naraingarh Gurdwara is one of these such-important places which keep his life and legacy fresh in memories. A memorial has been set up in the memory of those who gave their lives, and honouring them by visiting there is a must for everyone.

Exploraventure in Haryana

While it is often those hidden gems of rich culture and bountiful nature that Haryana receives accolades for, the state also has a maze of adrenaline-inspired activities on offer which are enough to satiate any adventure freak. Karnataka offers a plethora of activities from wildlife safaris to water sports for guests as they can take in the great outdoors and give vent to their adventurous spirit.

The Wildlife Safari at the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is, without a doubt, one of best adventure experiences in Haryana that will keep you captivated. Guests of the sanctuary can take guided tours into lush woodlands and marshes, where animated birds such as magnificent Siberian crane or shy Sarus Crane specie are around several corners to be found. The Safari also provides a trip to see other wildlife such as Deer, Jackals and variety of reptilian species etc., which makes it the best place for nature lover explorers.

Haryana’s Morni Hills – for an adrenaline rush Ideal For: Thrill seekers Adventurous souls will find a variety of activities to feast on at Haryana’s Morni Hills, ranging from rock climbing and rappelling to zip-lining. It allows adventure seekers to climb steep mountains, trek rough tracks and glide through the air with a picturesque bird’s eye view of Shivalik Range. These adventures not only challenge the physical prowess of a visitor but also offer them an unusual way to connect with Alaska’s breathtaking wilderness.

As one of the land-based adventures, Haryana also offers opportunities for water sports enthusiasts. Located on the outskirts of Gurgaon, this 5-acre Damdama Lake is a super famous location for kayaking, canoeing and stand-up paddleboarding. Guests are able to float over the lake past lush mountains and insert themselves into a world of natural serenity.

Haryana street food and Local Cuisine

Haryana boasts a wealth of appetizing local food, highlighting its rich tapestry of native flavors and culinary heritage. The iconic Chole Bhature to the aromatic Laal Maas not just state diverse cuisine but fillip mirror of cultural heritage and ingenious minds too.

Chole Bhature – a street dish that has captured North India and is still gaining popularity as one of the most consumed local specialties in Haryana A delicious combination of spicy chickpea curry (Chole) with fluffy and fried flatbreads (Bhature). This fusion of Al kabab with Kulcha one can relish on busy paths of Ambala & vendors has this Haryanvi dish perfect at their hands.

A rich and fragrant mutton curry,thislaal maas can be yet another interesting dish to come out of the kitchens in Haryana. This red curry is a slow-cooked savory, spicy blend of cumin and coriander with enough crushed chillies in it to make some kick ass blackened shrimp. Tourists can indulge in this mouth-watering treat at neighboring dining establishments, and local markets for a complete experience of Haryana’s culinary culture.

While we have heard of some great traditional specialties that can be sampled at Haryana, the state also lays out a series of delicacies on its platter which hides between plains. Indulge in the Desi Ghee Halwa, a rich sweet made of clarified butter, sugar and nuts that exemplifies the state prowess with traditional sweets Sarson da Saag is another great dish made of mustard greens which pairs beautifully with the Makki di Roti, a kind of cornbread and makes for that real Haryanvi flavor.

Haryana: Migratory birds at Sultanpur National Park.

Best Time to Visit Haryana

Haryana has a wide variety in terms of its topography and plethora of cultural history due to which the state is suitable for travel throughout the year, but much like every other destination across India; it too behaves differently with regards to weather conditions during specific seasons.

November to February is the best time Haryana can be visited as said above, these are winter months in North. The climate is mild with comfortable temperatures and low rainfall, making it a great time to visit outdoor attractions in the state. Guests can also witness the lively Suraj Kund Mela, a yearly social celebration which commends Haryana’s rich legacy through music, move and portrays. In addition to this, winter season also boasts the chance of spotting migratory birds at Sultanpur National Park making its wilderness a bit more captivating.

However, the monsoon ( July- September) would be an engaging time to explore Haryana for those wanting to sink in with lush green surroundings of the state. In Goa, this season sees the lush green hills and valleys turn verdant with waterfalls overflowing amidst blooming flora that makes your eyes pop out! This region becomes lush green during the rainy season and travelers can explore Morni Hills, trek in Aravalli Range etc.

While the summer months from March – June can be much more difficult with temperatures in excess of 45-degree Celsius, they do give visitors a unique insight into life during these boiling hot periods. Visitors can avail the opportunity of taking a dip in Damdama Lake, indulge in exciting adventure sports at Morni Hills and explore Haryana’s ancient landmarks without much crowd during this season. Also, the summer season is known for different local festivals like Baisakhi celebration which gives an insight of Haryana’s bright and dazzling cultural traditions.


When it comes to the Haryana, a state that has always excelled in preserving its glorious historical heritage and unbelievable natural beauty blends with each other will never disappoint you! From the monumental architectural wonders to peaceful sanctuaries surrounded by various animal species, this North Indian state ensures an experience-oriented journey for one and all.

Where History would lure you, Nature enchants you, and the Thrill pacifies your cravings; Haryana quenches under one guise of mystical charm. Admire the fine carving of Kalanaur Fort, feel peace in spiritual aura at Mata Mansa Devi Mandir or have an exciting wildlife safari with sultanpur National Park- there are so much for you to explore. If you like reading this article then please consider reading our article about India.